i am a lady. let’s not forget it.

I will now discuss something that is on my mind right now. At the current moment. I will not allow what the masses think of what I should be, define who I really am. I am a woman, a mother, a sister, a cousin, a daughter an aunt. I am a friend, a confidant, a lover, a peacemaker I am all that I want to be and some. I am Native American, not Indian. I am African-American, not Black. I am Caucasian American, not White. I am a lady. Let’s not forget that.

In the realm of the dating world, most seem to dwell on how difficult it is for a “black woman” to find a good “black man”. Hey!? What about us mixed chicks? It really does not matter where the guy comes from, his racial background, religion or the likes, but here in America that seems to be a prodding issue. Ladies like myself have long had a history of not knowing exactly WHERE we fit in. We feel the pressure of being “black enough” the pressure of being ” too white” and of course the pressure of fitting in somewhere in the middle.

On to other stuff though. I am on some kind of a roll today in regards to the opposite sex and relationships. Forgive me in advance. I am a single mom. I love my daughter more than the world and would do ANYTHING for her. However, I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life. Being a single mom makes the search for the perfect mate to be just that much more difficult. I have higher standards to be met and cannot just settle with anyone. Most of you guys keep screaming, I don’t want a woman with a child or you can’t turn a ho into a housewife. Please and thank you, save all of that for the birds. What a good deal of you fail to realize is the one who you overlooked that is the single mom who may not make a lot of money, but does the best she can is maybe the one you should be interested in. Remember, she’s the one who will ALWAYS know how to make a way. I believe a mothers parenting skills are a good indicator of how she’ll be in a relationship.

Now the 90 day rule. Please, don’t go there with me. A woman can wait that 90 days every single time but if that man has ulterior motives in the beginning, then he’ll still have those same motives after the 90 days. Just because a woman makes a man wait it out, doesn’t mean he won’t still sleep with her on that 91st day and then leave. It just means he was much more determined to acquire that extra notch on his belt. With my saying that, I am interested to know what difference it makes if you wait two days, 90 or 365…

If a man wants it and still has no intentions of staying, it doesn’t matter how long you make him wait.

2 thoughts on “i am a lady. let’s not forget it.

  1. I can identify with your thoughts in this blog and I commend you on the wisdom you’ve obtained thus far in your life. I have little to no doubt that if your words are an accurate reflection of your personality that you’ll be speaking with the man of your dreams sooner rather than later. Peace nd Blessings

    • Good afternoon sir! Thank you very much; I am glad my writings are relative to real life and real people. I’d like to think these are my innermost thoughts and feelings that more than likely I won’t verbalize. Well, I wouldn’t before. I’ve learned writing is therapeutic and can help others as well as myself. Take care and thank you so very much!

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