DANGER: You are now entering the mind of a woman.

I would like to dedicate this blog to my friend Rebecca for bringing this to my immediate attention. The mind of a woman is a very dangerous, complicated place that one can easily become lost in or misplaced somewhere in the folds in our cranium.

We are some of the most difficult creatures created and believe me, we know it. Hence the reason why women don’t usually get along with one another in the first place. We’re all too much alike. Most women are cutthroat, slimy creatures that will throw almost ANYONE under the bus to get one inch ahead of the next person…we’re not all like that though. I promise.

Now, in regards to the way we think about men: yeah, we’re just as bad as you men but we just don’t usually VERBALIZE IT. Sex is on our minds just as frequently as you gentlemen, but we make the choice not to let you all know. We do have a reputation to keep up as being ladies you know!

This discussion happened based on the premise of Olympians Ryan Lotche and Nathan Adrian. Truthfully, both of them can have my babies.

Yes, THEY can have MY babies. My friend Becca and I have decided that we would love to be their speedo’s; would pay to be their personal speedo. Nothing wrong with that…Women are sexual by nature. Some more than others. Some of us will talk about it, some of us will only be about it and some of us do both. It’s ok ladies to talk about it. RELEASE your inhibitions! You’ll be a lot less ANGRY! 🙂

So guys, just know…we’re thinking about it yes. Yes we want it as much as you do, but we are not going to jump on EVERY Tom, Dick or Harry (no pun intended with the Dick and Harry part..haha) We jump on the ones we WANT to jump on. I personally don’t mind some of my people living vicariously through me; I am single and can do whatever I want. But please do not make the mistake of taking that as I sleep with a bunch of different people. That is definitely NOT the case. I just talk a lot about it…

2 thoughts on “DANGER: You are now entering the mind of a woman.

  1. The double standard is annoying. A man who sleeps around a lot is a stud. A woman who sleeps around is a slut. Unfair and sexist double standard is all that is. If informed consenting adults want to have fun let them off. We are sexual beings. It’s important to appreciate that and have a healthy and safe attitude around it too.

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