~The Man in the Mirror~

There once was a child. A brilliant child. A musical mastermind who would one day become one of the most influential musicians of the twentieth and twenty first century; if not THE most influential. His childhood based on various reports was riddled with unhappy, sometimes abusive and downright depressing times. His father was a steel worker and his mother a homemaker who gave birth to ten children. Gifted children. Little did she or anyone else know at the time, this beaming child would become the sole person who was capable of evoking emotions of all ranges in almost every walk of life for nearly 50 years. Without me even saying his name, surely you all know who I am talking about…

Unfortunately his life was also plagued by scandal, mishandling of funds and of his life in general. Michael Jackson was also a human being. Many of us fans tend to want to hold him in a high regard. At almost Godlike status. It’s not intentional, it’s just we are very protective over our Michael. No matter what any person thinks of his personal life or what media sensationalism has fed the masses, everyone at some point in the last five decades was impacted by this child man. I say child man because no one ever really allowed him to grow up. People have been so quick to judge him and say he was this that and the other based on his own decisions. Yes, children slept in his bed. But how many of you have slept in an adults bed? I understand he may not have been related to and in most cases was not, to these children. But when you have an adult who has even named his residence after the famed Neverland in the fictional story Peter Pan, you can’t help but make the assumption that maybe he never got to really live his own childhood and that he was living vicariously through the children. Can you all honestly fault him? He had been performing for adults since around the age of five. You tell me when he would’ve been able to be a child? This man donated so much of his OWN money to various charities and has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as one of the most charitable if not the most charitable celebrities yet. His anthems like Man in the Mirror (written by the legendary Siedah Garrett but made famous by the man himself), Heal the World, We Are the World, Gone Too Soon, Earth Song…and the list goes on, are all reminders that this man had a heart. One that should not be forgotten despite what the media has reported of his life. His infectious smile..Image

It’s truly a shame that his legendary talent was re-recognized in the wake of his death, rather than the remainder of his life. Even my daughter at the tender age of four years old when he died recognized the impact of the gloved one. The most recent drama unfolding surrounding his children and his mother are what prompted me to write about my absolute favorite artist of all time.

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