{razor} optional.

I saw this lady last week…was it a lady? I am not real sure. From behind she had the walk of a lady, the sashay of a lady and even the curves of a lady. However, when “she” turned around, all I could focus on was this moustache of hers. It wasn’t like a little bit of peach fuzz…but a full grown moustache. I wanted so badly to take a razor or Nair, hold her down and remove her pubic hairs that remained on her upper lip after whatever fiasco she encountered the previous night. Or maybe that was just her moustache…

Ladies, if you have one, please take care of it. Or don’t and give people like myself something to laugh at. I know one of my dearest friends Noel will be laughing when she reads this. 🙂

Speaking of my buddy Noel…I just want to make it known that she was officially the first person my mom EVER let me spend the night with at a sleepover. I remember it like it was yesterday..so much fun I had. In her bedroom there was this clock, but not just any clock a WATCH clock. At the time, I thought that was the absolute cooooolest thing everrrr! She had a sectional couch in the living room I believe. As soon as you walk through the front door, the kitchen was to the left, the living room directly in front (I think there was a fireplace in the middle to the left of the couch too…) Right before you got to the couch, her bedroom was the first or second to the left and the bathroom was on the right. I hope my memory serves me right on this one. I remember having the time of my life…she was one of my best friends. I think by Noel being so amazingly nice to me, she made it much more difficult for my future Caucasian friends in that small town. Especially the ones I’ve spoken on previously. You know the ones who rumor had it I was never invited to things because I was *GASP* partially African American. I figured because Noel and her family were so kind to me that EVERYONE else would be too. Not so much. *Sigh* Oh well. Touche.

That said, part of this blog is dedicated to my friend Noel…who STILL loves me. ❤Image

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