title optional. love optional too? O_o

Contrary to popular belief or disbelief, it is much more difficult to pursue a member of the opposite sex or same sex sometimes to be a serious potential life partner when you yourself are a single parent. I have found this out the hard way time after time.

We as single parents are going to put our children or child (depending on how many times you’ve procreated) before anyone else. It’s just a known fact. There are some parents however, who will put any Tom, Dick or Harry before their child(ren) but not this supermom. In my dating ventures I have found there are some who talk such a good sly game and say all sorts of things like “I’m tired of playing the game…I’m looking for a wife, not a girlfriend…the next lady I date will be my last…” Save THAT bullshit for the birds please. Ok? Thank you all in advance for taking preventative measures in possible mass vomit sessions.

I don’t even know any longer how to approach a male. I posed a question on my facebook asking if men were impressed by women who were forthcoming with their intentions and pretty much got the ball rolling. Most said definitely. However, when I did take the initiative to get the ping pong ball rolling, not even a large ball because I can’t start off too big, it backfired. Miserably. EPIC FAIL AT BEST. But hey, we all live to learn right?

I almost feel like I need to leave. I need to move far away in order for love not to be “optional”. As of now, it is no longer something that is needed or even given, it’s completely optional. They say persistence is key, but then if you’re persistent they’ll say you’re being overbearing. There are too many requirements set on courtship and how you’re supposed to carry yourselves.

That said, there won’t be too many more epic failures in my attempt at finding my prince charming.

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