Ok, so I hear Mariah Carey will be replacing Jennifer Lopez on the next season of American Idol. Not only is Mariah Carey one of my absolute favorite singers of all time, she’s more than deserving of this position.

Unlike Jennifer (who I adore in her own right), Mariah can actually *gasp* sing! Not only is she an amazing singer with years and years under her belt, she also has that New Yawk mentality that can make her a little bit crass at times. This is something I think the show has been lacking in the past few years. No need to coddle every single contestant that comes on the show, they’re all really not that good.

I do believe that’s part of the reason so many people have lost so much faith in American Idol and what may have been dubbed the Star Search of this current generation. Now, if we can just get some serious music executive or another very seasoned entertainer to join forces with them and we’ll be rocking…..

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