We may agree. Just might.

Public Service Announcement for men and women, boys and girls, mujeres y hombres:

Don’t tell a woman what you think she wants to hear just to get her in the sack. Surprisingly if you’re up front with her, sometimes she’ll even agree to the terms of the “friends with benefits”. However, where you all mess up is blowing her ear up with I only want to be with you’s and I’m tired of playing the game, I wanna settle down. Save that for the birds and say what you REALLY mean. I had an experience like that not too long ago where he tried and tried and tried and I kept avoiding him because my gut said so. Well, of course one day I was like, you know what? YOLO (I hate that term by the way…) Well, some things happened and didn’t happen and of course as my suspicions were correct, he was only after my body. He actually came out and said it. Now up until that point, he was all about settling down and fnding someone and whatever…

*Shrugs* I might’ve even agreed to the terms of the booty call had he been truthful.

Ladies: it’s ok for you to explore sexually like your male counterparts if that’s really what you want to do. Just be safe about it. I’ve never understood why it is ok for a man to sleep with however many women he wants and yet never be called a nasty name. However, a woman sleeps with a tenth of the number of people a man does and she’s automatically a whore. The double standard blows my mind completely.

6 thoughts on “We may agree. Just might.

  1. I tried to warn you early on about how things have changed in the dating world. I explicitly said things like this would happen.

  2. I seriously HATE that double standard. It isn’t fair that men get praised and have bragging rights the more women they have slept with. However, when females do that, they get called whores and sluts and are looked at negatively. It isn’t fair. Hopefully one day women’s sexuality isn’t such a taboo.

    • Isn’t that horrible? In the scheme of things, these “whoreish” women are sleeping with someone right? So wouldn’t that make the other person a whore too? Society prides itself on promoting women to be pure and wholesome, yet praise men for their notches on their belts. So I guess these men are sleeping with other men to achieve their notches since women are to be wholesome?!

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