Today is Wednesday….right?

Hello all! Good morning! Buenas dias!

A topic of constant conversation is cheating. Cheating cheating cheating. This one NEVER gets old. Kidding. I have a male friend who after making an attempt to pursue me actually said he could never be faithful. That in a monogamous relationship, if one of the parties sees someone they are sexually attracted to, then they can sleep with them. If only it’s sexual. Um. Are you kidding me?

What person realistically can get involved with someone else and it ONLY be physical? I don’t think that’s possible. He then proceeded to say then the person can’t be upset when the other cheats…

That made ZERO sense to me. *Sigh* I say if you’re going to cheat, why hold on to one person? Stop being so damn selfish and let someone else have them. They might *gasp* actually appreciate the person. Be single and do whatever you want rather than tag someone else along.

On that topic (sort of) insecurities amongst partners came up. Women are so much more naturally inclined to be jealous people and actually show it; especially when their mate is a bit easy on the eyes. Ladies, don’t get mad if a woman looks at your guy. Take it as a COMPLIMENT. Look at how your mate handles the situation. If he or she blatantly humors the other persons flirty strides, then you need to check them, not the other person. Your PARTNER. However, if they handle it well by saying thank you but then immediately acknowledging you, then you’re good. At that point go ahead and say yes, he does look nice doesn’t he?

Then in your mind it’s ok to scream out loud, “Yep! And he’s going home with ME!” 🙂 No one consciously goes out to date an ugly person. Why wouldn’t anyone want someone who is aesthetically appealing to most? I would…

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