Seriously why?

It always boggles my mind when there are adults who get mad and stomp off, slam doors and do silly things because things aren’t going their way. Babies throw temper tantrums, not adults. I’ve experienced this a couple of times here lately by an “adult” (I’m going to from here on out use this term VERY loosely) and it’s getting kind of old.

Keeping this anonymous as I’d hate to hurt anyone’s feelings specifically, but I just have to say it’s not ok to always EXPECT to be included in everything. Guess what? People do live their own lives you know. Don’t throw a tantrum and start slamming things down and shutting doors with hurricane force. It gets you NOWHERE. The sooner you learn that, the sooner life for you may seem to be a little more cheerful. Seriously.

The next time I witness such an occurance, I am simply going to buy some pull ups and ask this person to put on their big kid panties and stop with the bullshit. For lack of better words.

I’m being nice right now. Next time I may have to call someone out. Stay tuned.

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