O_o You did what?

Random thoughtless thoughts. So many people are giving Chris Brown such a hard time about his personal life and his anger issues…yeah, I get that he needs some anger management, but who doesn’t? So he throws his little kid temper tantrums on TV and talks about women like they’re disposable items of clothing. So he fights over a Rhianna’s vagina that is WELL over used…who cares? It’s his business…..



So why does all of that have to have a direct influence on how “the man” (Kidding there guys) rates his latest album? Just because you don’t like him personally doesn’t mean his latest CD is bad like you say. In fact, I like tracks 3-10…I can’t say the same for the new Usher album. Chris has tapped into his inner soul R&B McLovin and created some bass heavy sexy melodies that are sure to put most anyone in the right mood. I HIGHLY recommend it and would buy it again if necessary…

Just my opinion. Image

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