Mixed chick chronicles. Part Uno.

There’s a misconception about racially ambiguous people; we fit in anywhere. Truth is, well, this is not the truth. Couldn’t be less truthful. My experiences as a whole have been that I am not “Black” enough for “Black” people and not “White” enough for “White” people. However, I have always gotten along better with those of the Caucasian persuasion…not sure why, it just was.

The heartbreaker though was the fact that I wasn’t exactly readily accepted by them. I don’t know that it was because they were fearful of my kind. Ignorant to my upbringing and of course following the plethora of stereotypes of African Americans, Native Americans and minorities in general, I was oftentimes left out of certain things. Looking back, being one of three minorities in my academically gifted class, I was extra special. I didn’t get invited to sleepovers and parties like my White counterparts. I didn’t get to date the hot jock White guys like most. They didn’t approach me. Ever. Matter of fact, there was one other obviously racially mixed person and she was Asian and White. I guess because she didn’t have an obvious drop of African American blood that made her more acceptable. Touche.

I had a couple of very good friends in that small class…surprisingly. They treated me no differently than the other people they regularly hung out with. Difference is, they didn’t let our physical appearance change how they felt about our friendship. That treatment was a doozy on me later in life though. It did to an extent make me a little angry towards these kids I grew up with. At the same time, however, it made me appreciate who I was and my background. Not too many of them can claim such ethnically diverse backgrounds like I can. Nor can they achieve this amazing tan I’ve recently acquired (kidding there guys). It made me a little upset when these people wouldn’t accept my friend request on Facebook (like it mattered anyways…) but I learned to see it as they are missing out on having a great friend. To this day, I would love to say to those White guys who passed up on me because of my skin tone and texture of my hair, “Look at me now. Your kind are spending a lot of time in tanning beds to acheive my natural tone. Wearing weave at higher rates than some of us. Getting butt and breast implants to be more curvy…why now is it acceptable? Because Kim Kardashian made it so?” And to the Black people who weren’t accepting of me because I was too “White”, where are you now? *Crickets* And of course, this is not aimed towards ALL people of these particular demographics that I grew up with. Just a few of you… 

FYI, my three best friends are White….

I’m sure I’ll get a lot of flack from this one. I really don’t care though. *Sigh*

4 thoughts on “Mixed chick chronicles. Part Uno.

  1. This is why I love you. You are free spirited, and you give me the encouragement I need, when I need it most. We were different as children (especially in our upbringing), but so much alike as adults. All of the cruel and hateful things that were said and done to us has made us better people. *hugs*

  2. I’m a pasty white Irish guy, married a half Irish, Half cape Verde woman. People who base opinions on race are missing out. Leave them in their ignorance, who needs em.

    • Hello Matt! Welcome to my insane little online highway! 😉 I do agree with you, however growing up and being a minority surrounded by majorities who didn’t truly want you around was difficult. In my adult life, I’ve grown enough to be able to get a grip on it and take the who cares approach! Pleased to meet ya!

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