It’s Tuesday.

It’s a beautiful Tuesday morning here in the City of Oaks. If you don’t know where I am talking about, just hop on the handy google train and do a little research! It’s been hot as hell lately…which is fine. It works out well for my tan 🙂


Am I REALLY angry you ask? Of course not! I am generally a happy person; now outspoken and driven. There was once a time where what was on my mind would never be spoken. I was always ok with conforming to what society thought I should be or what I should say. I get a bit squeamish now when I think of all the time I wasted not speaking up and standing for what I believe in. But it’s not too late…right?

Those of you who claim to really know me should already be aware that one of my ultimate dreams was to be a writer. I don’t mean like a novelist; but someone who writes for the people. Someone who says what everyone else wants to say, but might not have the courage to say. So now, I will begin to make my dream a reality.

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