~The Man in the Mirror~

There once was a child. A brilliant child. A musical mastermind who would one day become one of the most influential musicians of the twentieth and twenty first century; if not THE most influential. His childhood based on various reports was riddled with unhappy, sometimes abusive and downright depressing times. His father was a steel worker and his mother a homemaker who gave birth to ten children. Gifted children. Little did she or anyone else know at the time, this beaming child would become the sole person who was capable of evoking emotions of all ranges in almost every walk of life for nearly 50 years. Without me even saying his name, surely you all know who I am talking about…

Unfortunately his life was also plagued by scandal, mishandling of funds and of his life in general. Michael Jackson was also a human being. Many of us fans tend to want to hold him in a high regard. At almost Godlike status. It’s not intentional, it’s just we are very protective over our Michael. No matter what any person thinks of his personal life or what media sensationalism has fed the masses, everyone at some point in the last five decades was impacted by this child man. I say child man because no one ever really allowed him to grow up. People have been so quick to judge him and say he was this that and the other based on his own decisions. Yes, children slept in his bed. But how many of you have slept in an adults bed? I understand he may not have been related to and in most cases was not, to these children. But when you have an adult who has even named his residence after the famed Neverland in the fictional story Peter Pan, you can’t help but make the assumption that maybe he never got to really live his own childhood and that he was living vicariously through the children. Can you all honestly fault him? He had been performing for adults since around the age of five. You tell me when he would’ve been able to be a child? This man donated so much of his OWN money to various charities and has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as one of the most charitable if not the most charitable celebrities yet. His anthems like Man in the Mirror (written by the legendary Siedah Garrett but made famous by the man himself), Heal the World, We Are the World, Gone Too Soon, Earth Song…and the list goes on, are all reminders that this man had a heart. One that should not be forgotten despite what the media has reported of his life. His infectious smile..Image

It’s truly a shame that his legendary talent was re-recognized in the wake of his death, rather than the remainder of his life. Even my daughter at the tender age of four years old when he died recognized the impact of the gloved one. The most recent drama unfolding surrounding his children and his mother are what prompted me to write about my absolute favorite artist of all time.

{razor} optional.

I saw this lady last week…was it a lady? I am not real sure. From behind she had the walk of a lady, the sashay of a lady and even the curves of a lady. However, when “she” turned around, all I could focus on was this moustache of hers. It wasn’t like a little bit of peach fuzz…but a full grown moustache. I wanted so badly to take a razor or Nair, hold her down and remove her pubic hairs that remained on her upper lip after whatever fiasco she encountered the previous night. Or maybe that was just her moustache…

Ladies, if you have one, please take care of it. Or don’t and give people like myself something to laugh at. I know one of my dearest friends Noel will be laughing when she reads this. 🙂

Speaking of my buddy Noel…I just want to make it known that she was officially the first person my mom EVER let me spend the night with at a sleepover. I remember it like it was yesterday..so much fun I had. In her bedroom there was this clock, but not just any clock a WATCH clock. At the time, I thought that was the absolute cooooolest thing everrrr! She had a sectional couch in the living room I believe. As soon as you walk through the front door, the kitchen was to the left, the living room directly in front (I think there was a fireplace in the middle to the left of the couch too…) Right before you got to the couch, her bedroom was the first or second to the left and the bathroom was on the right. I hope my memory serves me right on this one. I remember having the time of my life…she was one of my best friends. I think by Noel being so amazingly nice to me, she made it much more difficult for my future Caucasian friends in that small town. Especially the ones I’ve spoken on previously. You know the ones who rumor had it I was never invited to things because I was *GASP* partially African American. I figured because Noel and her family were so kind to me that EVERYONE else would be too. Not so much. *Sigh* Oh well. Touche.

That said, part of this blog is dedicated to my friend Noel…who STILL loves me. ❤Image


 Ok, so I hear Mariah Carey will be replacing Jennifer Lopez on the next season of American Idol. Not only is Mariah Carey one of my absolute favorite singers of all time, she’s more than deserving of this position.

Unlike Jennifer (who I adore in her own right), Mariah can actually *gasp* sing! Not only is she an amazing singer with years and years under her belt, she also has that New Yawk mentality that can make her a little bit crass at times. This is something I think the show has been lacking in the past few years. No need to coddle every single contestant that comes on the show, they’re all really not that good.

I do believe that’s part of the reason so many people have lost so much faith in American Idol and what may have been dubbed the Star Search of this current generation. Now, if we can just get some serious music executive or another very seasoned entertainer to join forces with them and we’ll be rocking…..

title optional. love optional too? O_o

Contrary to popular belief or disbelief, it is much more difficult to pursue a member of the opposite sex or same sex sometimes to be a serious potential life partner when you yourself are a single parent. I have found this out the hard way time after time.

We as single parents are going to put our children or child (depending on how many times you’ve procreated) before anyone else. It’s just a known fact. There are some parents however, who will put any Tom, Dick or Harry before their child(ren) but not this supermom. In my dating ventures I have found there are some who talk such a good sly game and say all sorts of things like “I’m tired of playing the game…I’m looking for a wife, not a girlfriend…the next lady I date will be my last…” Save THAT bullshit for the birds please. Ok? Thank you all in advance for taking preventative measures in possible mass vomit sessions.

I don’t even know any longer how to approach a male. I posed a question on my facebook asking if men were impressed by women who were forthcoming with their intentions and pretty much got the ball rolling. Most said definitely. However, when I did take the initiative to get the ping pong ball rolling, not even a large ball because I can’t start off too big, it backfired. Miserably. EPIC FAIL AT BEST. But hey, we all live to learn right?

I almost feel like I need to leave. I need to move far away in order for love not to be “optional”. As of now, it is no longer something that is needed or even given, it’s completely optional. They say persistence is key, but then if you’re persistent they’ll say you’re being overbearing. There are too many requirements set on courtship and how you’re supposed to carry yourselves.

That said, there won’t be too many more epic failures in my attempt at finding my prince charming.

We may agree. Just might.

Public Service Announcement for men and women, boys and girls, mujeres y hombres:

Don’t tell a woman what you think she wants to hear just to get her in the sack. Surprisingly if you’re up front with her, sometimes she’ll even agree to the terms of the “friends with benefits”. However, where you all mess up is blowing her ear up with I only want to be with you’s and I’m tired of playing the game, I wanna settle down. Save that for the birds and say what you REALLY mean. I had an experience like that not too long ago where he tried and tried and tried and I kept avoiding him because my gut said so. Well, of course one day I was like, you know what? YOLO (I hate that term by the way…) Well, some things happened and didn’t happen and of course as my suspicions were correct, he was only after my body. He actually came out and said it. Now up until that point, he was all about settling down and fnding someone and whatever…

*Shrugs* I might’ve even agreed to the terms of the booty call had he been truthful.

Ladies: it’s ok for you to explore sexually like your male counterparts if that’s really what you want to do. Just be safe about it. I’ve never understood why it is ok for a man to sleep with however many women he wants and yet never be called a nasty name. However, a woman sleeps with a tenth of the number of people a man does and she’s automatically a whore. The double standard blows my mind completely.

sometimes it’s best to cry.

You look at your life and ponder the whys,

The if’s and’s and but’s and the relentless cries

Out for help when all you need is to be wanted

When you realize all you had shouldn’t have been flaunted.

Emotions running deep down into your soul

Thoughts and feelings you let nobody know.

Feelings of helplessness and resentment of life

Caught up inside a perilous strife

Heartbroken and angry in a cold heartless world

…and all you wanted was just to be heard.